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Business Growth Consultant

“If you are as serious about growing your business as I am, you need to hire Benjamin. It will be the best thing you’ve ever done for your business.” – Charlie Marquez

solution-based strategic thinking and

Problem Solving

For more than 20 years, Benjamin Hartel has been helping businesses reach new levels of success in growth, profits, customer service, and employee development. Ben teaches proven and practical strategies that unlock huge amounts of potential, while helping businesses stand out from their competition.


I help companies utilize their current sales and marketing channels to increase revenues and profit margins


I’ve have written a couple of books about Growing Your Profit Margin and Mastering Social Media Marketing Techniques.


A dynamic keynote speaker and recognized sales and marketing authority.

proven results

Extensive Experience

Ben has extensive experience and proven results in highly competitive industries, and he has a unique ability to connect with employees, consistently build successful teams, turn around underperforming teams, and lead teams to achieve new levels of success.

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The 4 Primary Ways To Grow Your Business

The number one thing… and one of the most important things for any business owner, manager, entrepreneur or professional to realize, is that there are four ways… four principal ways to grow a business – any business…

This Is The Main Purpose Of Your Business

When you have an effective system that will allow you to profitably get and keep quality customers that will return to do business with you over and over again, and then actively and enthusiastically refer you to others, your business will produce more profits than you can possibly imagine…

7 Motives That Make Your Customers Want To Buy

People don’t buy for the sake of owning a certain product or service. Rather, they buy because of the benefits they will receive as a result of owning that product or service…

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Grow Your Business & Increase Your Profits Without Spending A Fortune

There really are efficient and cost effective ways to grow your business. In this interview Ben shares some insightful examples of business strategy that you can benefit from immediately.

Grow Your Business & Increase Your Profits Without Spending A Fortune


What People Are Saying

Charlie Marquez

Business Growth Consultant, Next Level Business Solutions

“If you are as serious about growing your business as I am, you need to hire Benjamin. It will be the best thing you’ve ever done for your business. He’s not only an expert at what he does, he’ll soon be become an expert at what you do. I’ve never met someone quite like Benjamin. His unique mix of laser focus on results and easy to work with personality, are an ideal fit for small business owners like me.”

Aaron Loy

Associate Director of Church Planting, EFCA

“The business world needs more Benjamin Hartels. His dedication, attention to detail, care for his clients and expertise in his field truly sets him apart. If you are serious about growing your business, I cannot recommend Benjamin highly enough.”

A. David Griffin

Chief Marketing & Research Maverick, Lowcountry Pioneer Solutions

“Ben has effectively brought results to any project we’ve had the pleasure and foresight to bring him in on. Ben is soundly one of the most insightful and proactive problem-solvers I have worked with. He consistently brings solution after solution – which have proven to increase my company’s bottoms line profits – enabling me to expand into different areas of my business.

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