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Here are 13 critical questions every prospect must answer before they buy, or that every client must answer before they buy again.

  1. Do I want the benefits of this product or service?
  2. Is this the right product or service?
  3. Is this the right manufacturer or producer to buy from?
  4. Is this the right store, shop, or place of business to buy from?
  5. Are you the right person to buy from?
  6. Is this the right price to pay for this product or service?
  7. Is this the right time to buy or invest?
  8. How do I pay for it?
  9. What if it’s not right for me, I don’t like it, don’t want it, or change my mind?
  10. How can I be assured that I’m getting the best value for the money I’m about to spend?
  11. Why should I do business with you, instead of any and all other options I have – including doing nothing at all?
  12. What are the common mistakes that other people make when they buy this type of product or service?
  13. How can I avoid making those mistakes myself?

Offering some type of information that answers those questions will not only set you apart from all your other competition, but it gives a compelling reason for your prospects to do business with you.