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Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a business that consistently and predictably realizes extraordinary growth and another business that struggles to improve or just to make ends meet?

Or why a business that was started in a garage or basement of a home and run by the seat of its pants, can out perform in sales and profits, some of the best run companies?

Or take two businesses that operate in the same marketing arena. They both sell the exact same products or the same services for the exact same prices. Why can one business continually grow and prosper, while the business owner spends a good portion of his or her time away from the business on trips and vacations with their family, and the other owner spends an inordinate amount of time working harder and longer hours just trying to pay the bills and never taking any time off?

There’s no reason you can’t improve your business or increase your profits as long as you adhere to four fundamental principles

First, you must have a product or service that is beneficial to those who buy it.

Second, your product or service must be wanted or needed by the end user.

Third, you must effectively make your prospects aware of the availability of your product or service.

And fourth, you must make your prospects an offer that is enticing, compelling and in their best interest to purchase your product or service.

The first two areas – having a beneficial product or service that your prospects want or need, are areas that you’re going to have in place, or are going to have to develop.

The third and fourth principles – letting your prospects know about what you have to offer and then compelling them to buy from you, is where the following ideas can be of enormous assistance to you.

When you get right down to it, there are really five basic ways any organization can improve and increase its business…

First, a business can increase the number of new customers they have.

Second, they can generate more income from their existing customers.

Third, they can increase the efficiency of their operation, cut their expenses and improve their margins.

Fourth, they can determine and then ethically exploit the Lifetime Value of their customers.

And finally, they can…

Create a clear, compelling and irresistible reason for their prospects and customers to do business with them, and not their competitors.

Each one of these categories on its own has enormous potential to dramatically affect the bottom line profits of your organization, but if you combine two or more of them, they can have a synergistic effect, and the results will be exponential.