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1. Be Specific

Tell people exactly and specifically what kind of person / business you are looking for and how to refer them to you.

2. Use Special Reports

Offer to give or send your customer or client a special report, and then follow up to see how they’re doing with it. Ask if they know anyone else who might like to receive it.

3. Offer a Lower Price

Offer a lower price if your customer provides you a good testimonial or if they will write a letter of endorsement recommending your services to all their clients or customers. 

4. Add Extra Value

Give your customer some type of added value they would normally not get if they will recommend or endorse you to someone who might benefit from your products or services.

5. Establish a “By Referrals Only Business”

Make referrals a condition of doing business with you. 

6. Give a Surprise Refund

When someone refers a prospect to you, on the referrer’s next visit, give them back half (or a portion) of the payment for their last visit as a surprise thank you for their referral. This lets them know that you weren’t trying to buy their referrals by offering a reward up front, but instead are giving them a genuine thank you for their unsolicited efforts. The referrals will now keep coming. 

7. Referral Rewards

Consider establishing a tiered program. Have different levels, such as a Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. Each time a client qualifies for a new level, they receive: 

1. A special one time only gift (Immediate gratification)

2. Ongoing privileges (Delayed gratification) 

Just think, if only 10% referred eight people, your business would grow by 80%. If 25% of your clients referred four people to you, you would double your business. And if 50% referred eight people, your business would grow by 400%!