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Get your customers to buy from you more often. 

Get your customers to buy from you more often.

Get your customers to buy from you more often.

In other words, increase the frequency of their purchases. Get them to come back. Give them reasons to want to come back and to continue doing business with you.

You see, the longer your customers go between purchases from you, the more chance they have of buying from your competition. 

It’s like, “Out of sight, out of mind.” You need to constantly stay in front of your customers with educational information, and notices of sales or special promotions. And you need to tell them about new items, special incentives and other offers that might benefit them. 

The idea is two-fold: One… to “lock” your customer in, so they can’t afford to do business with anyone else; and second, to make it so attractive to do business with you that they wouldn’t even consider going anywhere else. 

You see, what you really want to do is lead your customers to the inescapable and undeniable conclusion that they would have to be absolute fools to even consider doing business with anyone else but you, regardless of the selection you have, the prices you charge, your location, or the relationship they may have with their current supplier.

Make It Easy And Advantageous To Do Business With You

Let me give you a real-life example of how this works. 

There’s a restaurant owner, and for her business customers who like to take their clients to lunch, she offers a certain number of lunches for a pre-paid, discounted price. 

So what happens, is, she locks in her customer, gets her money up-front, and makes it convenient for everyone. 

The customer simply signs the check, which includes the tip… no money changes hands during or after the lunch, and new customers are constantly being introduced to her restaurant. And many of those new customers take advantage of the same arrangement for their clients. 

Airlines offer upgrades and mileage bonuses for those who fly with them on a regular basis. And countless other businesses offer similar programs, as well. 

Now, let’s apply this concept to you and your business. 

What can you think of that you could do that will endear your customers to you? To lock them in and get them coming back more often… and even refer others to do business with you? 

Do you have regular email updates? Do you have a website that keeps them informed of new items and promotions? Do you hold special events for your customers? How about a loyalty program for your most frequent customers? 

You see, you’ve got to let your customers know that you value them… that you want them to come back… and you want to make doing business with you fun, risk-free and easy. 

Well, I’m sure you can see that the ideas are unlimited. And I’m sure you can probably think of a number of things you can apply in your business right away that will help you develop trust and loyalty with your customers. 

There are dozens of different strategies you can use to create an almost magnetic effect that keeps your customers returning time and time again. That keeps them saying, “I’ll be back.” And that keeps them “insulated” from and locked out of your competition