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A recent study by MRI, a marketing research firm, states that 66% of all shoppers will eventually do business with the first store or salesperson they establish a relationship with. 

Establish Relationships

The key, then, is to change or reframe the entire buying experience for your prospective clients. Rather than being reduced to a quoting service, a product pusher or commission chaser like so many other salespeople have been, you can position yourself as an industry expert who’s clients seek you out wanting to know more about how they can benefit from doing business with you.

Reframe The Buying Experience

The way you do that, is by getting good, practical information that will be useful during the buying process into the hands of your prospects as quickly as possible, and then initiating a positive and powerful follow up campaign.

Provide Useful Information

When you do that, you’ll be in a much stronger, more favorable position to get referrals. You’ll find yourself not having to deal with the price issue as much, you’ll develop a much more loyal client base, and you’ll get more referrals than you’ve ever gotten before.