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The purpose of any business… in fact, your business… is to profitably satisfy the wants and needs of its customers. And the more profitably you can serve your customers and solve their problems, the more successful your business will be. But it’s not as easy as it sounds, is it?

There are thousands of articles, and “experts” telling you how to grow your business more effectively and easily. There are a growing number of people who claim to have the secret sauce. They claim to have a new program or silver bullet to fix all your problems.

With all the wasted time and money that can come from hiring someone who is merely pushing their own preferences or short-term ideas, it can be easy to start believing that there’s no one who can truly help your business grow.

As a way to help you choose a marketing and business growth consultant, here are… Six Things That Every Results Producing Consultant Will Do…


1. Pursue Profit Growth, Above Any Other Measurement

Finding someone offering marketing and business growth services is easy – but finding someone who accomplishes these things is much harder.

Most consultants are looking for “easy win” metrics to make it look like they’re helping you.

The reality is that many consultants aren’t even pursuing profit growth. Instead, most are pursuing more clicks or leads. These things are not bad in nature, but they don’t necessarily translate into profit growth.

I’ve seen many businesses have huge jumps in website or ad clicks without a single dollar increase in business profits.

Some metrics can seem impressive but end up being irrelevant to bottom line profit growth. It’s important to remember that every results producing marketing and business growth consultant will be focused on bringing you profit growth, and not merely growth in metrics.


2. Get The Order Right

Many consultants have channel focus commonly referred to as tunnel vision.

In marketing, there’s what we call the ABC’s.




The ABC’s have to be considered when starting or adjusting any marketing campaign – and they need to be analyzed in order.

Audience – Consider your ideal Audience. Who are the people that buy from you and continue to be your best customers? You need to look at the exact person you ought to target.

Bait – Next, you need to figure out what “Bait” that target market will bite on. A good fisherman will use different bait for different fish and the same is true with marketing. “If you fish for sharks with worms, you won’t get a shark but you will get frustrated.” Since you’ve already figured out your target audience, what does that group value and desire, and how does your business meet their need?

Channel – The final piece is our Channel. Through what medium would your bait be best communicated to your ideal audience?

Your channel options are endless, which is why they are also dangerous.

Often, consultants will push for a specific channel, usually based off of what is recently trendy. The question isn’t if these are good marketing channels. The question is if they are good to reach YOUR AUDIENCE.

You need to find a business consultant who will focus on your audience first, and then decide your bait and channel afterward. When you focus on the first one, you can more clearly decide the other two. Be Sure That Your Marketing and Growth Consultant Is Focused On Getting You More Of Your Ideal Clients, and Not Just Keeping Your Ads Trendy.


3. Capture Profit Producing Leads

When you are willing to market to anyone and everyone, you’re bound to get a lot of interest… from people who will never buy.

One of the most important, and counter-intuitive, things about marketing is this – Good advertising should repel just as much as it attracts.

Think about it this way, if you had an ant problem, would you want to buy a bug spray that will kill 50% of all the bugs it comes into contact with, or one that will kill 100% of ants? Obviously you’d want the one that kills 100% of ants. And it’s no different in marketing. We don’t care about the thousands of people who will see our ad if they wouldn’t be ideal clients for us. Instead, we want to be laser focused on advertising to and converting only those who would be our ideal clients.

But, many consultants and marketers will do otherwise. Partially because they don’t know any better, but also because they’re valuing the measurement of high response over the measurement of bottom line profits.

In the end, don’t forget, it doesn’t matter how many people even respond to your ad. What matters is how many of those people end up doing business with you.

Remember these two very important things…

One, your ads should repel the people you don’t want, just as much as they attract your ideal client.

Two, not all leads are equal. Don’t merely advertise to generate leads, or even to generate leads of good customers. You want to advertise to acquire your IDEAL customer.


4. Increase Profits Throughout Your Business

If you asked 10 business owners how to double their profits, you know what most of them would say? They need more leads. They need more people inquiring about their business and responding to their ads. In the end, they need twice as many customers.

What if I told you there was a better way?

If we were to increase each of these factors by only 10%, every year, you could essentially double your profits annually…

  • Leads
  • Percentage of leads who convert into clients
  • Transactions per client
  • Value of each transaction

It’s amazing how just a few micro-changes can multiply together to create a huge impact on your business.

Be Sure That Your Marketing and Growth Consultant Is Fluent In All Business Growth Opportunities.


5. Be Accountable

Many marketing companies hide behind not tracking their campaigns. This way, if your business does the same or worse, they can blame other areas of your business or even the economy at large. However, if your business does well, they suddenly claim that it was because of their marketing efforts, without ever having to show you the direct connection.

Make sure to ask how they’ll track your ads. If they say “this is for branding” or “you may not see immediate results” then you know that they may be trying to hide the inadequacy of their ads. Nowadays, just about everything can be tracked and everything should be tracked.

Claude Hopkins, author of Scientific Advertising, described it well as he said that advertising is “sales in print” and that it should be held to the same standards as an average salesperson – did it get you clients, or did it not? He goes on to explain that advertising should be scrutinized even more than the average salesperson because you might lose a couple hundred from a bad sales pitch, but you can easily lose a couple thousand from a bad ad.

Be Sure That Your Marketing and Growth Consultant Tracks Everything and Is Ready To Show, And Explain, the Results For What They Do.


6. Review And Adjust

Business requires planning, execution and a willingness to pivot when needed.

To paraphrase Claude Hopkins again…

There’s much about advertising and business growth that has been nailed down to a science. We know what types of things work, and which things make differences, but we don’t always know what will be that perfect thing for every audience and in every situation.

And this is where advertising and business growth can become more of an art.

Mark Cuban was talking about advertising and said, “I don’t care what you think, I don’t even care what I think.” His point is that it doesn’t matter how you feel or think about a piece of advertising – what matters is the results.

Nobody is perfect. Nobody has a perfect system. However, a good consultant will put a good system in place. A great consultant will put in a good system and then continue to review, adjust, and build from that system to continually grow the company.

Growing a Business Does Take Work. But if You Apply These Six Things When Choosing Your Marketing and Growth Consultant, You’ll Be Well on Your Way to Growing Your Business.