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If an individual wants to live and function according to their true potential and find real happiness and fulfillment in their work, their personal and their societal dimensions, then it becomes critical that they learn and understand the steps to determining what their personal uniqueness is.

The first step is to take an inventory of things you like to do. Make a list any and everything you enjoy. Don’t hold anything back. List work related tasks, hobbies, fun activities, family things… anything you take pleasure in doing, no matter how silly or irrelevant it may seem.

Next, make a list of things you are good at. Don’t worry at this point how they fit in with your previous list; just list everything you can think of where you have at least an average amount of competence or skill.

Third, write down everything you would like to be able to do, if you only had the right amount of time, money, training, skill or competence. Let your mind run wild here. There’s no need to try to be idealistic or realistic… just list what you would do if you could do it.

Now, compare the three lists. See if there is any correlation between some of the items you like to do, those you are good at, and those you would like to do if you had the necessary resources. Perhaps one or two items will stand out as having some sort of “common thread” running through them.

Take a good look at those items to see if there is a way you can develop or create a product, a service, or a way of doing something better or differently than anyone else who is currently doing it. Again, let your creative juices flow here.

Don’t let yourself be inhibited by preconceived ideas. Let yourself get “out of the box” of “that’s the way we’ve always done it.” Look at your idea from every angle.

If it has to do with a product or service, consider how you would like for it to be if you were the customer using it. If you were the salesperson selling it, what other features would you like to see it have (or not have)?

If you were the business carrying it, how could it be improved so you could move more of them to the consumers?

As the manufacturer, what other things could you do to improve or enhance the item to make it more functional, more useable, or more desirable to all the parties in the chain?

If it has to do with relationships you have with others, how would you want someone in your position to act or react towards you? What can you do to make people enjoy being around you… to be attracted to you?

And, if you’re working from a personal level, what can you do to make yourself more likable or more acceptable to you? Are there self-development things you need to work on that can enhance your personality, your confidence, and your demeanor?

When you become better or more effective in one area, whether it’s work, social, or personal, each of the other areas automatically is affected positively.

Finding your own uniqueness is not always easy. It will take some time, a little work, and a lot of thought. But once you find it, and take the steps to become “expert” at what you do, the doors to increased opportunities will open wider than ever before.