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Your business is on trial.

Every time a decision is made regarding the potential purchase of the products or services you offer or which company to buy from, your customers and potential customers… your prospects… the jury… issue a ruling. Now, since you happen to be the head of the business, you play the role of the attorney. 

Question: How will your prospects and customers rule today? 

Will they hand down the death sentence… by giving their business to your competitors

Will they sentence your business to imprisonment or probation… still alive, but functioning at barely an “existence” or “survival” level? 

Or have you presented them enough evidence for your business to go free and continue, growing, thriving, and serving the marketplace with improved products, better service and more benefits and advantages to your customers?

If you ask most people, they’ll tell you that the fate of your business rests entirely with the jury… your prospects and customers. That they’re the ones who will tell you whether or not you’ll remain in business. 

And, to some extent that’s true. But, they base their decision on the evidence that’s been presented to them. The evidence that you, as the attorney… or owner or manager or representative of the business, has given them. 

Now, what about that evidence? What is the depth, the quality and the amount of the evidence you’ve presented? Have you given what you believe to be “enough” evidence? Or have you given them an overwhelming amount of evidence… a preponderance of evidence? 

Have you given them so much evidence why they should buy the products and services you offer from your business, that they really don’t have any other choice? 

Have you not only presented facts, figures and data, but have you included testimonies from expert witnesses (or past and current satisfied customers)? 

Have you led them to the inescapable and undeniable conclusion that they would have to be complete fools to even consider doing business with anyone else but you? Regardless of the prices you charge? Regardless of your location? And regardless of the relationship they may have with their current supplier or vendor? 

You see, the responsibility for the success of your business or your enterprise, rests with you. It’s up to you to present a convincing argument to your jury… to prove beyond a reasonable shadow of doubt why they should do business with you and not even consider anyone else. 

You can no longer afford to sit back and “let” business happen. 

Your Best Customers Are Your Competitions’ Best Prospects… You Must Guard Them Carefully

Right now… right this very minute, your competition is making plans and taking steps to take your very best customers away from you and prevent you from getting any new ones. 

The question you have to answer is, “What are you going to do to keep this from happening?”

It can be a frightening proposition for any business owner, manager, entrepreneur or professional… any head of a business enterprise… especially, if you’re not up on the latest and most successful marketing methods.

It’s easy to see why so many businesses either don’t make it or continue to struggle day after day just to survive. 

Statistics show that out of more than a million businesses that start up each year in this country, better than forty percent of them will fail in the first year and eighty percent will be out of business within five years. 

And if that’s not enough eighty percent of those remaining will be gone in the next five years. 

But it doesn’t have to be that way. It really doesn’t. There are things you can do… that any person can do to not only survive in business, but to grow and thrive and prosper in your business.

But let me just say, that the ideas and strategies I consistently share with you, work. And they work well. And they have the potential of putting thousands of dollars… profitable dollars in your pocket. 

I’ve seen businesses that were struggling just to make ends meet apply some of these techniques, and in a matter of a very short time turn their businesses completely around, pay off bills, and begin a completely new and profitable growth cycle.

These ideas have worked for scores of other businesses in dozens of different industries and professions, and they’ll work for you and your business, as well.

How do I know? Because I’ve seen it happen first hand. 

In this regard, all businesses are the same.

The fact is, on a base level your business is really no different than any other business in any other industry or profession. 

You want more profitable dollars coming into your business the same as any other business owner does. 

And your customers want the same thing as the customers of any other business wants, too. They want the very best value for the dollars they spend, and they want to feel that they’re appreciated

Apply these ideas in your business and your competition doesn’t stand a chance!